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Another recap episode for my 100 Cartoon Villains series, this time it's 41-50...

my latest episode of Creed's Saturday Morning is up!
If you're a Facebook dweller like me you should check out my fan page! I post my art there, plus preview pencils and stuff like that. Plus I post the occasional video if I find something really cool. For example, a recent post was a full episode of the really hard to find and mostly overlooked cartoon version of Police Academy from 1988. So stop by and give the page a like, all the cool people are doing it! :]…
First, welcome to some cool new watchers, I'm glad you like my art! I also have a fan art show called Creed's Saturday Morning, over on my YouTube channel and episode #025 just went up!
The latest episode of 364 and Halloween is up!
The latest episode of my fanart show features Psy-Crow from Earthworm Jim!
My latest episode of Creed's Saturday Morning is Mongul From the Justice League Cartoon!
A recap of my horror art from the 90's, some of which isn't even posted here on Deviant Art:

I'm working on villain #99, here's the episode he's from:

Inspired from the creepy old storytelling guy from Garfield's Halloween Special, this is my scifi version of a Halloween ghost story. The first video I actually wrote a script for, and I stuck very close to that despite being completely hammered. I acted the loss and guilt of a future Creed from an alien ravaged world, but it's not cool to act being drunk so that's all real. It's weird and full of drunken cursing, but it's my celebration of Halloween this year so check it out. Hope everybody had a kickass Halloween this year, I did! [video is 36:43]